Responsible Investing


We do not invest in companies involved with controversial weapons, large-scale coal-mining or coal-fired electricity generation, or which are in serious breach of the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

As a house policy, we do not invest in any companies which are involved with the production or sale of anti-personnel mines and cluster bombs, or of chemical, biological and depleted uranium weapons, and we also exclude any company which violates, repeatedly and seriously, one or more of the ten principles of the Global Compact. We also exclude companies involved in large scale coal extraction (mining) or coal-fired electricity generation. This applies to all clients and all portfolios.

As at the end of December 2019, we screened out a total of 213 companies in all portfolios. The breakdown is as follows:

213 Companies Screened Out







We have become aware of a fraudulent website which contains a URL that is almost identical to that of our own. The fraudulent company domain is which is similar to our correct domain


Please note that this company has no relation to or any involvement with KBI Global Investors. We are in no way impacted by this activity and are keen to ensure there is no confusion between the two businesses.


We hope all our clients, service providers, suppliers, colleagues and their families remain safe and well at this time of uncertainty surrounding the Covid19 pandemic. On Friday March 27th the Irish government announced further restrictions on work and movement aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus. In light of this we want to reassure our clients that we continue to operate our business seamlessly at this time through remote access and are available at all times should we be needed. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the careful, coherent and confident stewardship of our clients assets. This remains the case after these latest announcements from the Irish government and the temporary closure of the office to staff.

You can contact KBIGI through the normal channels and your regular client servicing executive will be available to provide any support you require in respect of your investments.