New KBIGI Infrastructure strategy offers exposure to the World’s most critical resources, better liquidity than the private market, and importantly enables investors to deploy their capital with immediate effect

Interest in an allocation to infrastructure has grown significantly in recent years, as investors place a greater emphasis on real assets and look to achieve broader diversification.  Sadly, many continue to steer clear of the asset class on the grounds of liquidity, or rather a lack of it – but that is to miss an opportunity.  The listed market offers an increasingly popular means of accessing infrastructure assets, and combines the most attractive attributes of private infrastructure with the benefits of liquidity and daily pricing.  Demand for infrastructure exposure continues to increase, the attractive risk-adjusted-return profile receiving greater attention – and with the World requiring trillions of dollars of investment in sustainable infrastructure over the coming years*, KBI Global Investors today confirmed the launch of its Global Sustainable Infrastructure Strategy.

Significant population growth, rapidly expanding cities, growing societal and economic demand, and the number of ageing and depleted assets in need of rehabilitation or replacement means the demand for clean, safe and high-quality water, energy and food will continue to grow.  The new Global Sustainable Infrastructure Strategy will therefore offer access to a global portfolio of sustainable publicly traded infrastructure companies, delivering solutions in these critical areas – where Dublin-based KBIGI, a pioneer in Natural Resources investing, boasts a core competence.  Its experienced and professional team of nine dedicated investment professionals has been investing in infrastructure since the inception of its Natural Resources strategies in December 2000, and has been managing specialised infrastructure investments in water and clean energy since 2001, and in food since 2008.

Investment summary

The Strategy seeks to deliver strong investment returns within a robust framework, lower volatility and a dividend yield of between 3.5% and 4.5%.  It will deliver material and diverse exposure to water and clean energy infrastructure, food storage and transportation, and to farmland – investing in the owners and operators of infrastructure assets, as well as the beneficiaries of infrastructure investment – as part of a portfolio of publicly listed high conviction stock holdings.  It will:

  • focus on high quality and sustainable infrastructure;
  • be diversified across multiple regions, sectors and end markets;
  • operate a disciplined and long-established investment process;
  • be benchmark agnostic in its approach;
  • be managed with a strong ESG emphasis.

The objective is to deliver a portfolio of securities with the desired risk and projected return parameters – constructed utilising the stock-specific research and stock models from the broader investment team, but focusing heavily on long-term contractual businesses and infrastructure specific investment characteristics, namely: high regulatory support; predictable and stable cashflow; low volatility of earnings; quality of assets and management.

Listed or Private Market?

An allocation to listed infrastructure can provide an important and complementary allocation within investors’ infrastructure portfolios, with many of the same characteristics being sought out in private markets i.e. asset intensive businesses with stable cashflow generation; long duration contracts, often with strong regulatory and/or government backing; attractive dividend yields and attractive risk-adjusted returns; protection against inflation.  However, listed infrastructure provides numerous benefits relative to the private market approach – greater diversity, improved liquidity, lower costs, and most importantly, immediate availability for investment.

Colm O’Connor, Senior Portfolio Manager at KBI Global Investors, who has been appointed Lead Manager on the new Strategy, cites the construction of the infrastructure necessary in the provision of our most critical resources i.e. clean, safe and high-quality water, energy and food to the global population as “our most critical need, and essential for sustainable future social and economic development.  Yet”, says O’Connor, “many institutional investors remain woefully underexposed to infrastructure, and particularly to companies in these critical areas.  For many the realisation is only now starting to dawn that a very high level of investment will be required, particularly over the next decade, if we are to ensure the provision of these most critical resources to the global population.”

The Global Sustainable Infrastructure Strategy – which will offer a lower correlation to the broader equities market, a high and sustainable dividend yield, and predictable cashflow generation – forms part of the KBIGI Natural Resources suite, which includes strategies investing in Water, Energy Solutions and Agribusiness.

To coincide with the launch of the new Strategy, KBIGI has commissioned a new video. This can be accessed at:

* Sources: World Economic Forum (2013-2030); McKinsey Global Institute (2016-2030); United Nations Conference on Climate Change December 2015.

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About KBI Global Investors (‘KBIGI’)

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The firm is headed by Sean Hawkshaw and has a headcount of 63 people, with members of the KBIGI team holding 12.5% of the equity in the firm.

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