Jargon Buster

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Do you know your alpha from your beta? Or your basis point from your private equity? Are you sure what the difference is between duration and yield?

If not, you are in good company, as many documents written about pension-fund investments are full of jargon. But help is at hand with our Jargon Exterminator.

We hate the endless jargon, clichés and buzzwords that are so overused in the financial industry and can cause a great deal of frustration when making a pension or investment decision. Our guide may not magically turn you into a stock-market guru, but it will help you understand regularly-used jargon and you can use it as a handy reference (a financial glossary) for some of the more technical terms found in most pensions documents.

And, of course, in the interest of plain speaking we welcome any comments you may have that will help us communicate with you as clearly and openly as possible.

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